Unveil a New You-Medi-spa/Cavi-Lipo

….Tired of doing the wiggle dance to get your jeans on in the morning?
….Tired of hitting the gym everyday and not seeing quick results
….Tired of asking them to keep the lights off

Cavi-Lipo is a full body cellulite reduction and body sculpting treatment. Cavi-Lipo breaks down cellulite with fast and uniform results to take inches off while smoothing and tightening the skin simultaneously. Fat cells associated with cellulite can now be eliminated using ultrasound waves that leave the body slimmer and more toned. Results can be compared to Coolsculpting, all without any discomfort or down time.

You can have these slimming treatments on:








The best part is there is:

No Surgery

No scarring

No swelling

No side effects

No discomfort

No injections

No antibiotics

So, get the body that you dream of….come in for a free consultation


Packages Include:
1 Treatment $150
3 Treatments $400
6 Treatments $725
9 Treatments $900
12 Treatments $1100


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