Our Aveda Skin Care Services utilizes natural organic botanicals combined with stress reducing treatments, anti aging therapies and clinical formulations at Salon Von De. We have designed a wonderful range of rejuvinating and relaxing facials to address any skin care needs you may have. All customized facials include a thorough skin analysis. aveda sensory journey, a light decolette massage, and a customized cleanse for your skin type. These skin care treatments will help achieve a healthy, beautiful and balanced complexion. The refining facial removes impurities, fine lines and lightens dark spots while breaking through a fine layer of dead skin cells to reveal younger youthful looking skin. The cavi lipo lifestyle facelift is incorporated to boost collagen, smooth away frown lines around your mouth and contour your neckline. Microdermabrasion is added to spot treat fine lines
and wrinkles. This treatment will help get rid of the dead skin cells that build up over time & from the summer sun. High frequency technique is utilized while treating acneic skin that breaks through bacteria causing breakouts. The Cle de peu “botox” mini facelift can be added to any facial to rid your skin of fine lines, it’s a collagen boosting wrinkle reducing treatment that instantly takes ten years off of your appearance.



One Hour Customized Facial (Reg.$100)


One Hour Customized Refining Treatment (Reg.$220)


One Hour Customized Aveda Cavi Facial (Reg.$350)