Dazzling Nail Bar

Ok ladies, time to take off the gloves and talk nails…….

If you JUST want your nails done and could care less about the products used on your nails, proper applications or the possibility of getting a disgusting fungus then this Beauty Bar is not the fit for you.

Ladies. if you do care about proper nail care then, we are the “Nail Bar” for you. We pride ourselves in taking care of your nails. We are NOT a “cookie cutter” nail salon. We take our time and offer the proper professional nail service that a classy lady like yourself deserves!

Additionally, we use the absolute best products on the market and we feature high-end polishes that most nail salons would not care to use, they want to offer fast, cheap nail care.

Ok, so now that we got that all cleared up, we want to tell you a little about some of our fabulous nail services.

*We offer a “weekly” manicure featuring CND Vinylux-Weekly Polish-for you female power players who want a manicure that’s guaranteed not to chip for 7 days or we will re-polish it for free.

*We offer Shellac manicures a 14-day flawless manicure, featuring dazzling colors and shine-it’s a chip-free extended wear nail service with zero drying time-yes ladies no more fear of getting your nails messed up when you dig in your bag for your keys when you  are ready to leave because your nails will be completely dry.

*We offer “real” nail art! We are so tired of the basic flowers and stars we see some of you have. We do cutting edge nail art anywhere from python looking nails and for the bolder side of you we can even add non-permanent studs or spikes-owww! now that’s real nail art.

We offer so much more please see our full menu for our nail bar!
Nail Bar
Aveda Hand Relief Classic Manicure $12
French Hand Relief Classic Manicure $17
Shirley Temple Mani-Pedi $25 (up to 12 years old)
Shellac Manicure $30
Acrylic Full Set $65 / Fill in $35
Pink & Whiten Set $95 / Fill in $55
Overlay $65
Ombré Overlay $75