Fab Feet Pedicure Bar

…..This little piggy went to a nail salon because of a cheap special on pedicures……

…..This little piggy went to another nail salon where the poor piggy got a 2 minute dip in lukewarm water, a one minute massage and a quick foot scrub.

……The other little piggies said ” They are running to Von De’s Pedicure Bar”

Many of you have been subjected to an inadequate pedicure and have forgotten what a good pedicure is….Well let us remind you!

Our Pedicure Bar, was custom built to make you feel regal while sitting in a throne!

All of our pedicures have a massage, paraffin treatment, foot scrubs and hot towels including our “diva-on-the go” express service.

Now, let’s get technical for a moment..
Pedicures are much more than just having your toes polished in pretty colors!

There are physical benefits to having a pedicure. A quality pedicure helps to improve the appearance and comfort of your feet. Calluses can cause uneven pressure when you walk which can lead to pain when you are on your feet all day. Reflexology helps to stimulate your blood flow and improves your mood and preparedness for your active lifestyle.

The foot massage is one of the most important components of a pedicure for it sends signals to other parts of the body to help promote circulation. A last component of a great pedicure is aromatherapy, it has been proven that certain scents and oils help to improve moods, memory, focus and circulation.

Ok so we are not some weird science geeks, we are just so passionate about our pedicures and we offer all the components needed to improve the look and feel of your fabulous feet!

Pedicure Bar
Aveda Foot Relief Classic Pedicure $30
Aveda Stress Fix Pedicure $45
EO Crystal Detox Pedicure $50
Medical Spa Pedicure $50
Himalayan Crystal Hot Stone Pedicure $65